Getting Naked

Getting Naked

Scratch the surface and you are likely to find that many of us don’t have the depth or quality of relationships that we long for. That was definitely true for me. Twenty years ago I realised that I wasn’t very good at relating and in the two decades since I have been discovering how to build stronger and more genuine relationships. I am still learning and my blog is very much part of working it all out in practice. See here for my latest entry…

Why the Naked Hedgehog?

To me it symbolises what it means to have authentic relationships.

On a cold day a hedgehog will search out other hedgehogs to huddle up with to keep warm. But because of his prickly spines he is forced to make a choice. Get close, stay warm and get stabbed; or keep away, stay safe and freeze.

In 1851 German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer came up with the ‘Hedgehog’s Dilemma’ (I paraphrased it a little) to describe our human predicament. We long for strong and intimate relationships but we also fear getting hurt and do all we can to protect ourselves from others.

So what is the answer to ours and the hedgehog’s dilemma? I believe it is about ‘getting naked’. That means taking off our prickles, letting down our defences and daring to bare who we are on the inside. It is about being ourselves and being known and loved for who we are. It is allowing others to be real with us.

I won’t pretend that authentic relating is easy – it isn’t.  It takes courage and also discernment to know who we can trust. But I do know that investing in authentic relationships is one of the most rewarding adventures we can ever undertake.

If you want to do any or all of the following…

  • build deeper relationships where we can be ‘ourselves’ with others
  • make more time for our most important relationships
  • learn to be great listeners and really understand others
  • say what we mean and mean what we say
  • discover the impact that we have on others
  • deal with tricky situations and have the difficult conversations we dread having
  • be the friend we’ve always wanted
  • be a leader worth following
  • thrive (not just survive) with our families
  • date like we mean it (for those that are wanting to find a partner)
  • make a marriage that matters (for those who are married)

…then I hope you will join me and we can gradually “get naked” together. Follow my latest adventure here…


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