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When things go wrong with a relationship it can be very draining and upsetting. Problems can seem even worse if we don’t feel we have anyone to share them with, which is why sometimes people find it easier to off-load to a stranger.

For a little over a year, I was the Agony Aunt for the Daily Telegraph and people would write to me about all kinds of issues to do with emotional wellbeing and relationships. Even though I have now stopped the column people are still writing me letters. I have therefore decided to use this part of my blog to offer relationships advice to those who need it. I hope it is of help to those of you with questions and to the rest of us who can learn from the experience of others.

If you have an issue – big or small – to do with a relationship or an emotional issue, please do feel free to send it to me. Please try and keep your question to below 200 words and only include details that you would be happy for me to use on my website.

If you don’t want your real name used – make sure to tell me and I will give you a different one!

I don’t promise to give you a neat and tidy solution but I hope I will be able to hold a mirror up to the issue, help you to look at it through fresh eyes and suggest possible ways forward.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to answer every question I receive but I do promise to read every one that is sent to me. If your problem is urgent and you need immediate help, please look at this list of recommended organisations. It is important not to suffer in silence and to find the relevant help.

I hope that this will be a two-way street with as many of you as possible feeding in your comments, advice and experiences. None of us has all the answers but the more of us who contribute the greater the pool of wisdom that we can draw on.

The best way to share your opinions is to go to the comments section at the bottom of any of my posts. Please do give your thoughts on my advice or leave some tips of your own.

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