sa2Having spent 7 years as a reporter at the BBC and another 7 years producing DVD resources – I am very happy in front of a camera or a mic. For my first ever, live studio appearance – I was dressed up in painting overalls and pigtails and had to talk about share prices whilst catching a paint brush… don’t ask!

I also love helping others give their best in interviews and enjoy doing media training with people who want to feel confident on screen or on radio.

I worked as the Agony Aunt for The Daily Telegraph during 2010 and I currently write a monthly column for Psychologies Magazine.

I have written articles for The Evening Standard, The Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post.

I have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Red, Easy Living, She, Woman’s Weekly, Pregnancy and Birth, and Top Santé.I have also been interviewed on The Vanessa Show, UCB, Premier Radio, BBC 2 and by various local radio shows.

To get in touch for any articles, guest posts, quotes, media training or interviews please contact me here…

To read some of my work, click on the links below.

Inside Out : Dating Guides

Daily Express : Express Yourself

The links below will open up in a new window.

The Huffington Post UK (archive for various articles for the Huff)

Inside Out : Agony Aunt for the Daily Telegraph (archive for my Daily Telegraph letters)

Happier together: the secrets of authentic relationships (article for Action for Happiness)

How not to be a horrible boss (article for the Evening Standard)

A New Year and a Fresh Start (article for the Daily Telegraph)

Finding love with Telegraph Dating (article for the Daily Telegraph)


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